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Separate waste collection is a legal obligation.

By correctly sorting the various waste materials, it will be possible to safeguard nature and the environment, save on raw materials, water, and energy, limit the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, and contain disposal costs.

WiOO and the environment

The following digital environmental labels apply to WiOO Master Switch and WiOO Switch product packaging.

Separate waste collection WiOO leaflet
Instruction sheet

PAP 22

PAPER collection
WiOO internal tray separate waste collection
Internal tray

PAP 21

PAPER collection
WiOO outer band separate waste collection
Outer band

PAP 21

PAPER collection
WiOO internal shape separate waste collection
Internal shape

PAP 21

PAPER collection
Separate waste collection. WiOO is an electrical device


At the end of its life, WiOO must be taken to the recycling center for disposal as EEE waste.

Always consult the provisions of your Municipality.