Manage the WiOO App from your smartphone
Manage the WiOO App from your smartphone

WiOO App

Our APPs allow you to manage all the functions of the WiOO Switches and all the “WiOO Inside” Lamps.

The WiOO app, downloadable for free from the App Store, allows you to control all the WiOO Switches in your home. Thanks to the step-by-step Wizard, in a short time you can configure your electrical system, program all the buttons, set your favorite colors and create scenes. Thanks to multimaster technology, the WiOO App allows you to connect an infinite number of WiOOs.

Available on the App Store from your iPhone.

Works with Apple HomeKit logo

With the WiOO Lamp App it is possible to manage lamps equipped with WiOO Inside technology, to program light animations, set colors and create shades with great precision. Favorite settings can be saved as “presets” also applicable from the buttons on the WiOO Switches, for total control of the light in your home.

Available soon on the App Store.

WiOO app

The exclusive features to install and manage WiOO Switches.

WiOO is the most complete Apple Homekit certified smart switch.


WiOO Master Switch and its app talk directly to the Home App to manage, even remotely, all Apple HomeKit-compatible devices in the house.

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You can install WiOO in the home of your choice, from those included in the Home app.


WiOO Master Switch connects directly to the home WiFi network.


Launching the WiOO app, you are automatically connected to HomeKit through the Home app.


Scan the QR Code, independently of the Home or WiOO apps, to add WiOO Master Switch.


Match WiOO to Rooms and Zones in the Home app.


The WiOO app offers easy installation thanks to the Wizard


Wizard is a feature of the WiOO app that allows you to identify all the connections made in the circuits and assign them correctly to the “virtual” system.

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Once all WiOO Switches are installed, the search process will start.


Each installed WiOO Switch is automatically inserted into your network.


Wizard recognizes the existing electrical connections and creates Virtual Circuits.


Press a button on a WiOO Switch in the app to identify the connected light.


Now you know which buttons have a function established by your existing circuit. You can easily choose those tasks assigned to the other keys.


With the WiOO app you can give a name to each light point and assign it to the correct room and then control it with Siri voice commands


Considerably reduce the use of electrical cables! The Circuits function allows you to create and refine the virtual connections that control one or more light points.

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Assign a name to all the WiOO Switches installed, it will be easier to identify or call it up with Siri.


You can assign functions to each WiOO button: if it belongs to a Circuit, it is programmed for an Action or currently Inactive.


In the electrical systems also a light bulb is recognized as a Load, WiOO manages the Keys separately from the WiOO Loads to give you the maximum flexibility in the settings.


The WiOO app has a unique function: customize the combinations of Keys-Loads to build a Virtual Circuit.


You can build or modify a Circuit using the WiOO app, without any intervention on the electrical system.


Each button and each portion of the light crown (halo) can be customized with the colors that best suit your home or your desire for color


Moods allow you to assign desired colors to the Halo and Keys. Create a library of custom sets to match Scenes.

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You can define it from a palette how Keys and Halo should appear and create a pairing as a new Scene


The WiOO app previews the plate you’ve chosen, White or Black, to better evaluate the results.


You can choose the active side, including its colors and animation. IE: the lower side would be enough or a step light.


Ten styles of Halo animation are included in the WiOO app and you can choose the color and speed for some of them.


Your Mood is stored as a Scene and added to those in the Home app, where you can set the rules for activating it.


Your Moods are contained in a library and you can apply them individually or to all your WiOOs.


The light crown can also play animations that create the perfect atmosphere or improve home security


No limits to the imagination. A set of preset options simplifies the application of very unique animations, for different environments and situations.

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It could not be just a different way to manage the lights, WiOO is a lighting fixture that completes the personality of a home.


WiOO comes with a set of ten Halo animation styles, but it’s only the beginning because you can vary colors and speed for some of them.


The color of light is an element that influences the perception of the walls and furniture of a room, creating the overall impression.


WiOO creates the right atmosphere with the colors and movements of light. The choice goes from a relaxing blue breath to a cheerful rainbow of colors.


You can also associate Halo animations and colors to specific segments, creating even more eye-catching effects on the walls.


WiOO is recognized by the Home app and added as an accessory to manage on and off buttons or to set scenes and automation for the modern home


The Scenes, available directly from the Home App, can be used on different occasions (Movie night, Dinner with friends, …) or at different times of the day.

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Within the HomeKit ecosystem you can allow devices to send a notification, and be alerted by WiOO with a flash.


From the Home app you can include a WiOO Mood in a Scene, a perfect combination for your smart light bulbs to complete the atmosphere.


From your iPhone, you can associate a time or condition that triggers an audible alert, or flash WiOO to discreetly remind you.


When an external sensor or camera detects motion, it sends a notification and alerts WiOO to flash.


WiOO dims the color and brightness of the LEDs at the time set as the beginning of the night, and reminds you that it’s time to go to bed.


WiOO recognizes a user’s geolocation settings and sets lights and temperature for your return home.