WiOO interno green


A bright future, with style

Tired of wasting energy and receiving sky-high bills? Do you dream of an efficient and environmentally friendly home, without sacrificing comfort and style? Let us explain how WiOO, the smart switch that has redefined the very concept of “switch”, will contribute to the environment and your wallet.

Imagine being able to control the lights in your home with a simple touch on your smartphone or with programmed automations, wherever you are. Lights that turn on when you arrive and turn off when you leave a room, creating a welcoming atmosphere and saving precious energy: you no longer have to remember to turn them off, WiOO will do it for you.

Not only that: smart switches integrate seamlessly with other intelligent devices, such as motion sensors and security systems, for complete and customizable home automation.

The real ace up the sleeve of these revolutionary devices is their ability to help you drastically reduce energy consumption. By programming the lights to turn on and off, adjusting the brightness based on natural light, and monitoring consumption in real time, waste is avoided, and a concrete contribution to the planet’s conservation can be made.