WiOO - Lampadine smart


Install WiOO and save on smart bulbs

How many light bulbs do you have at home? 10? 20? Converting them all to smart bulbs might seem like an exorbitant expense. But what if you could make your lights smart without replacing every single bulb? With WiOO, this possibility becomes a reality.

WiOO allows you to transform all the lights in your home into smart lights, controlling them through automation and personalized actions. No matter how many bulbs you have, with WiOO, you can manage them all with maximum flexibility, saving time and money.

Imagine being able to turn your lights on or off with your voice, program them to fit your daily routine, or set them to create the perfect atmosphere in any room, all without replacing your existing bulbs. This is what WiOO offers you: total and intelligent control of your lights without the need to invest in expensive smart bulbs.

Every time you need to replace a bulb, the cost can quickly add up, especially if you’re opting for smart versions. With WiOO, you save every time you need to replace a bulb because you only need one smart element, not a new bulb. This means less electronic waste and a reduced environmental impact, as well as significant savings over time.

If you’re a designer, installer, or simply a smart home enthusiast, WiOO represents an ideal solution. Not only does it simplify the installation and management of smart lights, but it also offers a clean and versatile aesthetic solution. You can easily integrate it into any design project without compromising style or functionality.

WiOO offers a wide range of customization and automation options. You can create personalized lighting scenes for every occasion, set timers, and schedule the lights to turn on or off according to your schedule. Additionally, with voice assistant integration, controlling the lights becomes even simpler and more intuitive.

In a world increasingly oriented towards smart solutions, WiOO represents an intelligent and convenient option for those who want to transform their lights into smart lights without replacing every bulb. Save money, reduce your environmental impact, and enjoy a smarter and more personalized home with WiOO.