WiOO - Smart Home | Parlare con la casa


Talking to your home

For twelve years, Siri, the voice assistant developed by Apple, has found a home in the lives of millions of people, ushering in this type of revolution. It astonished, delighted, and then became something routine, evolving to simplify, automate, and manage many tasks, often within the home environment. Many devices have emerged that integrate with this system, forming a true ecosystem.

Certainly, Alexa, Google Home, and others have since arrived, but we are on the cusp of new revolutions that will soon become part of our daily lives, relying on artificial intelligence to make them possible.

The home will increasingly become a space enriched with functions, directly interacting with our needs and desires, learning our habits, and adapting to changes in our routines, even anticipating our requests.

What’s exciting is that if our homes begin to incorporate automation, such as switches, sensors, and control systems, we will already be prepared for this future. The future of AI will unfold not just through voice but through dialogue: ChatGPT is, in fact, a dialogue system, a chat. Soon, we will converse with our homes not to “command” them but to create a dialogue, via our smartphones, through the same control systems we know (like HomePod, and others), which will learn with increasingly personalized training about us, and increasingly guaranteed from a privacy standpoint, becoming true support systems.

The future is already at home, and it will continue to grow with us and our awareness of the benefits it can provide.