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The Self-Protecting Home: Smart Automation for Increased Security

As summer arrives and vacation time approaches, many families will find themselves leaving their homes unattended for trips and getaways. It’s therefore important to ensure that the house remains safe during shorter or longer absences.

When we talk about smart home security, we often immediately think of video surveillance systems, alarms, and smart locks. These are all excellent solutions for monitoring the home and deterring potential intruders. But home automation can also play a key role in automating certain activities that contribute to creating a “presence effect” to deter ill-intentioned individuals.

WiOO - Blog - Sicurezza smart home

Through simple automations, programmable remotely via app, it’s possible to simulate the presence of people in the house even when we’re away on vacation. Think about turning lights on and off at certain times, or automatically raising and lowering blinds following preset patterns.

Some more advanced systems integrate motion sensors to turn on lights and devices only when potential intruders pass by, while remaining off for household pets. Another trick is to program the TV and audio system to activate during certain time slots, reproducing the typical environment of an occupied home.

WiOO - Blog - Sicurezza smart home

Home automation isn’t limited just to simulating presence, but can contribute to home security in other smart ways too. Intelligent sensors installed in various rooms allow you to receive notifications in case of potential gas leaks, flooding, or fires, giving you a chance to intervene promptly even remotely.

With some planning, home automation features can be leveraged to transform a home into a “self-protecting house”, increasing security and prevention levels when occupants are away for trips or vacations. All controllable conveniently via app, without forgetting to “give the impression of being home.”