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  • WiOO - Blog - Sicurezza smart home
    The Self-Protecting Home: Smart Automation for Increased Security

    As summer arrives and vacation time approaches, many families will find themselves leaving their homes unattended for trips and getaways. It’s therefore important to ensure that the house remains safe during shorter or longer absences. When we talk about smart home security, we often immediately think of video surveillance systems, alarms, and smart locks. These…

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  • Illuminazione d'interni con interruttore intelligente WiOO
    Illuminating the Home: The Art of Light Design

    In the ecosystem of interior design, a crucial yet often overlooked and underestimated variable is light. Yet, in the very fabric of design, light plays a paramount role, as it transforms spaces, defines the atmosphere, and shapes perceptions. Light design is an intricate balancing act between functionality and aesthetics, between direct and indirect light, between…

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