Design and environment as a living space. Today and in the future.

  • WiOO lampadina
    Smart vs Traditional: Battle to the Last Light Bulb!

    In the battle between smart and traditional switches, who will win the crown of champion for your home? When it comes to ease of use, the classic traditional switch, with its timeless design, wins the first round for its immediacy. A touch and the light is on! However, the smart switch doesn’t surrender and counterattacks…

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  • WiOO interno green
    A bright future, with style

    Tired of wasting energy and receiving sky-high bills? Do you dream of an efficient and environmentally friendly home, without sacrificing comfort and style? Let us explain how WiOO, the smart switch that has redefined the very concept of “switch”, will contribute to the environment and your wallet. Imagine being able to control the lights in…

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