WiOO - Lampadine smart
How many light bulbs do you have at home? 10? 20? Converting them all to smart bulbs might seem like an exorbitant expense. But what if you could make your lights smart without replacing every single bulb? With WiOO, this possibility becomes a reality. WiOO allows you to transform all the lights in your home […]
WiOO - blog
Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed of living like a superhero, surrounded by cutting-edge technology that anticipates your every desire! Well, thanks to home automation, this dream isn’t so far from reality! Forget about getting up from the couch to turn off the lights or adjust the thermostat. With just a simple voice command […]
WiOO - blog
Okay, let’s admit it: home automation can seem a bit like an alien spaceship that just landed in your living room. Lights that turn on by themselves, thermostats that respond to our voice commands, blinds that go up and down as if by magic… It sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? But just like in […]
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Remember those movie parties where the lights change color to the beat of the music, the temperature is always perfect, and the atmosphere is simply magical? Well, thanks to WiOO, you can transform your home into the perfect location for any occasion, without needing to hire a professional party planner! Forget about fiddling with switches […]
WiOO - Blog - Sicurezza smart home
As summer arrives and vacation time approaches, many families will find themselves leaving their homes unattended for trips and getaways. It’s therefore important to ensure that the house remains safe during shorter or longer absences. When we talk about smart home security, we often immediately think of video surveillance systems, alarms, and smart locks. These […]
WiOO - Smart Home | Parlare con la casa
For twelve years, Siri, the voice assistant developed by Apple, has found a home in the lives of millions of people, ushering in this type of revolution. It astonished, delighted, and then became something routine, evolving to simplify, automate, and manage many tasks, often within the home environment. Many devices have emerged that integrate with […]
Illuminazione d'interni con interruttore intelligente WiOO
In the ecosystem of interior design, a crucial yet often overlooked and underestimated variable is light. Yet, in the very fabric of design, light plays a paramount role, as it transforms spaces, defines the atmosphere, and shapes perceptions. Light design is an intricate balancing act between functionality and aesthetics, between direct and indirect light, between […]
WiOO lampadina
In the battle between smart and traditional switches, who will win the crown of champion for your home? When it comes to ease of use, the classic traditional switch, with its timeless design, wins the first round for its immediacy. A touch and the light is on! However, the smart switch doesn’t surrender and counterattacks […]
WiOO interno green
Tired of wasting energy and receiving sky-high bills? Do you dream of an efficient and environmentally friendly home, without sacrificing comfort and style? Let us explain how WiOO, the smart switch that has redefined the very concept of “switch”, will contribute to the environment and your wallet. Imagine being able to control the lights in […]